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C.J. Foods Product Setup Forms

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New clients - please register and submit your diet information: Register
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White list notice: There are important emails auto generated through this system. Please white list this email address:  noreply@extrudedpetfood.com.

There are 3 setup forms established based on your relationship with C.J. Foods.  The 3 forms will need to be completed in this order Product Development, Test Run, Full Production.

The 3 checklists are available for download to send to your team in advance so they can gather all the required information needed to fill out each phase form.

1. Product Development form - this form is for any pet food company who has a new product launch, new formulation or packaging ideas or that needs some help from the pet food experts on how this product can be manufactured. Checklist

2. Test Run form - this form is for any new or current customer that has an established formula or a packaging initiative they want CJ Foods to test to make sure it is palatable, meets our manufacturing requirements and passes the regulatory product testing. Checklist

3. Full Production form - this will be an established customer who has a well defined product line that we have tested to make sure we can manufacture it to their specifications. Checklist

Please complete the information on the form that applies to your current state and submit it to C. J. Foods.  We will review your setup information and contact you within 1 business day to discuss any discrepancies or concerns we may have with the setup of your diets.

When you submit the form to C. J. Foods all diets are locked pending acceptance or rejection before the diet can move to the next stage. Rejected diets are then unlocked for you to make the necessary modifications.  Finished diets are stored in your account archive for quick reference in the future.  Diets that need modification are unlocked and remain in the product development table for you to make changes and resubmit for approval.  You may save your work at any time and return to finish the form.  Not until you click submit will your information be transmitted to the critical players here at C.J. Foods to begin our internal setup process.

We hope that you’ll agree that this is a positive step in meeting your product specifications, improving the delivery of your products, and the reliability you have entrusted in us.