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“Stand Up Pouches” for your petfood:

Our Packaging Capabilities
are Second to None!!

Innovative Packaging Solutions - Enable marketers to increase the value of their products.

Finished packages, created for maximum marketing impact are a specialty at C. J. Foods. We currently produce a full range of sizes and types of containers, paper, poly or heat-sealed laminated bags. From one-ounce vertical form and fill bags to 2000 pound bulk super bags to meet your needs.

Our State-of-the-art $5.5-million packaging line runs stand-up pouches with re-closeable zippers helping our clients reduce and/or eliminate non-value-added costs.

Our Robert's C-1500 horizontal form/fill/seal machines are fed with computer controlled combination weighing systems to achieve the optimum combination of quality, accuracy of weights and productivity. These lines produce a full range of Stand Up Pouches from roll stock and can include re-closeable zippers. Finished pouches can be case packed into either conventional RSC boxes or custom wrap-around cases with display features.

Our UVANewton vertical form/fill/seal line produces a range of four sided poly laminate packages with or without re-closeable zippers as an alternative to conventional roll-top paper packaging.

Computerized metal detection and check-weighers perform a final inspection before the packages are released for packing in master cartons

Inspected product can be case packed into traditional RSC cases or in  Nor-Reg wrap-around cases, which custom produces cartons for shipping. "This machine is designed specifically for stand-up pouches, and is currently the only machine of its kind in the United States .”

C. J. Foods is the first company to utilize this type of wraparound case packing equipment designed specifically for stand-up pouches. The cartons we produce are 30 to 40 percent smaller than a traditional carton, which saves on everything from packaging materials to product damage and logistics.

To take it a step further, we are one of few companies in our industry that can produce the product plus produce stand-up pouches in-house and fill them in-line. For customers who were shipping bulk product to contract packagers for fulfillment, this fact alone can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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