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At C.J. Foods our clients own their formulations. We do not formulate diets for our clients.  Because we have access to most of our customer formulations we feel it would be challenging for us to put together a formula which would be based on our shared experience.   Because of this, all of the formulas we work with are custom developed to meet the specific nutritional and marketing objectives of our clients and their pet parents by independent consulting Nutritionists or are provided to us directly by our clients.  We are very proud to work with the best nutritionists in the business to develop diets which meet our client’s objectives.  We do provide tangible input on the viability of processing those formulations, quality assurance standards, efficiency maximization and supply availability.

The following Nutritionists C.J. Foods has either directly worked with or are well known to the Pet Food Industry as experts in their field.  As a general rule all of the Nutritionists listed here have published articles on nutrition and/or work in the field of pet nutrition for the vast majority of their distinguished career.  There are a number of high quality nutritionists outside those listed here that C.J. Foods will be more than happy to work with as well.

Our experience has been very positive.  These experts put the best interest of the pet and client first.  They are uncompromising in their approach to quality and dedicated to furthering the field of animal welfare and Veterinary Nutrition. As Food Manufacturers, we also feel these experts bring with them a pragmatic understanding of ingredients, costing, food processing and safety.  As such, they have an excellent mix of attributes which make them uniquely qualified to serve as a liaison between pet needs, client objectives and food manufacturing efficiency and optimization.

When choosing a Nutritionist we recommend the following standards:

  • Personality Fit:  Do you respect their input and will you follow their recommendations?
  • Academic Credentials:  Where did they go to school?  What certifications do they possess?
  • Industry Experience:  Are they experienced in designing diets?  Do they understand the development process?  How well do they work with manufacturing/ engineering and technology personel?  Do they understand ingredient availability and quality requirements?
  • Development Mind Set:  If they have developed diets can they explain the process in a simple, cost effective fashion and help shorten the lead time to diet development?
  • Product Focus:  It is fair to ask about relevant expertise in a specific product species or product category.
  • Pricing:  It is always good to agree to a scope of work upfront and then understand the costing structure so there is no miscommunication on the cost of each original formulation and any required variations.  Other Nutritionists prefer to work on a per diem and an hourly basis.  Find an approach that you are both comfortable with.

If you would like to select an independent certified nutritionist, please contact C.J. Foods for password access to this site.

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